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Welcome to NikeeyaP.com

Welcome to NikeeyaP.comWelcome to NikeeyaP.comWelcome to NikeeyaP.com


Hi My name is Nikeeya,

 Welcome to my page. I am here to motivate and inspire to change the way that you think about yourself and the life that you are living.

I believe that if a person changes the way they think and process how they feel they will be able to live a healthy balanced life.
I am here to motivate and inspire you to open up your mind and take a chance of becoming a better you. You are the only one who is able to metamorphosis yourself from a victim to an overcomer. To make the impossible, possible. But sometimes in order for us to take that first step we need a little push. Check out my blogs below and get inspired. Because being you is the best accomplishment you will ever do! So, wear you like no one else can! And remember You are Beautiful!


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Forgiveness plays an important part to your happiness in life. Until we are willing to forgive ourselves, it is hard to move pass some of the hurt and pain that we have suffered.  Not at the hands of others, but at the hands of ourselves. Sometimes it is easier to blame others for the hurt that we feel inside or pain we have felt or have gone through. But most of the time, it is not other people who cause the pain, it is ourselves. When we have not forgiven ourselves it’s because we have not forgiven ourselves. When that happens, we can cause our pain to hurt someone else.
We have all heard the phase “hurt people hurt people.”. So, we have to be able to acknowledge our hurt and then take responsibility and began to heal. 

Inner peace does not just happen. No, it is caused by an awakening within ourselves to know that we have to do the inner work.  Sometimes that can be difficult because we feel comfortable within ourselves blaming other people for our mistakes. I’m not saying people cannot be the cause of our hurt or pain, but I’m not referring to the hurt from others. Sometimes we have lied to “us” and told “us” that we will never be this or  we will never accomplish something because of this or that. We constantly call ourselves names and put ourselves down. So, instead of taking responsibility for our shortcomings, we blame media and people for putting things in our mind. Or we blame it on where we come from or what our parents had. Yes, all these things could be a factor, but you know what else is a factor?  Instead of listening to others, we didn’t take the time to really tell ourselves that we are beautiful no matter what. Or that maybe if we tried just a little harder, we can accomplish something.  If we just stay up a little longer or ask for the help that we need, we could accomplish our goals.
Forgiving yourself, now that’s being vulnerable. It’s being honest with yourself about who you really are. Facing the real you and dealing with your reality. Not what you make up or tell people, but the true you. Once you are able to look your skeleton in the eye and really forgive yourself,  you will see yourself clearer and have more peace. But it all starts with forgiveness.

Written by Nikeeya Patterson 02/19/2020

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