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Hi My name is Nikeeya,

 Welcome to my page. I am here to motivate and inspire to change the way that you think about yourself and the life that you are living.

I believe that if a person changes the way they think and process how they feel they will be able to live a healthy balanced life.
I am here to motivate and inspire you to open up your mind and take a chance of becoming a better you. You are the only one who is able to metamorphosis yourself from a victim to an overcomer. To make the impossible, possible. But sometimes in order for us to take that first step we need a little push. Check out my blogs below and get inspired. Because being you is the best accomplishment you will ever do! So, wear you like no one else can! And remember You are Beautiful!


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Don’t forget what works


Don’t forget what works

Sometimes when we are going through the stress and pressure of life we can forget what worked for us. We lose site of what we use to do to focus ourselves and we start to put our eyes on the problem. But when we start to focus on the problem it starts to look bigger than what it really is. Making us stress out. We may get anxious, angry, confused and frustrated. We may want to give up or just quit. But in those moments we have to stop and ask ourselves what changed and why are we feeling the way that we are feeling?

I have learned that when I stop doing the things in my life that are important to me, in order to stay positive, things just start going the wrong way. For example, when I wake up in the morning, I usually pray, read my bible and then medicate for 30 minutes in the morning. Then I start my day. On my lunch I usually pray and make sure that I praise God for all he has done for me so far and then I continue on with my day. When I do these things, my day flows well. Even when things are stressful, I can handle them better. I come up with great ideas and I am more willing to step out of my comfort zone and go the extra mile for others. But, I notice when things start to go wrong and I stop to take assessment of what I have been doing, I usually realize that I have stopped doing my routine. So I start back and everything seems to fall back into to place.

Now, this might not be what you do. You might have a night routine when you do your daily devotions or just reading. You might open and close up your day with a list of things you have to do or that you have accomplished. Maybe you journal through out the day. Whatever it is that you do, when you start to feel the pressure of life, stop to see if maybe you fell off from the things that you used to do to stay grounded, to encourage yourself and keep yourself going. If you have, don’t get down on yourself, but start fresh. Start off slow and work your way back to getting on track. You can do it. Just know that no matter what, everyday is a new day for you to start over to make changes and to keep going. Life is a learning experience. So keep learning and know that no one knows your flaws unless you show them. Keep being you.

Written by Nikeeya Patterson 12/05/2019.

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